It might be steaming hot out there, but the summer is coming to end for most students.  School begins soon and the school supply shopping frenzy has begun.  Start your child off right be taking advantage of huge saving during Missouri’s Annual Sales Tax Holiday.

Every year, in early August, you can save on clothes, computers and school supplies when the state and (some) local governments waive sales taxes. The tax holiday begins at midnight on Friday, August 6th and goes until midnight on Sunday, August 8th.

Here are the items Exempted From Sales Tax:

Clothing – any article valued at $100 or less
School Supplies – must be under $50 per purchase
Computers – valued at $3500 or less
Computer Software – valued at $350 or less
Other Computer Devices – valued at $3500 or less

Be a Prepared Shopper by Knowing what you need

Most parents and students have a good idea of what they need for the school year, but most forget a few essential items when shopping.  If you don’t make a list, you can miss out making the most of sales tax savings.  Find out what you need by checking you school’s website or evaluating what your student used during the previous school year.  Here are some sample lists if you’re looking for a place to start: Kindergarten – 3rd Grade4th Grade – 10th Grade

Find out Where You can Save the Most

Before you head out on a shopping spree, keep in mind not all cities and counties participate in the Sales Tax Holiday. If you shop in one of these areas, you will not pay state sales tax, but will still be charged local taxes. So the biggest savings will be in cities and townships that choose to waive their own local taxes as well. For a complete list of cities and counties and their participation, go to the Missouri Department of Revenue’s sales tax chart.

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