NJC Printing wanted to take this year to learn a little more about our customers and to also share with you, more about what services and opportunities these customers provide for other industries and their communities.

Please read along as David Hults, Career Coach, Author & Speaker for Activ8 answers a few questions about re-entering the job market, career choices, and hiring managers.

What would you say is the most important thing people reentering the job market should do?

  1. Have realistic timeline expectations.

Currently, the average time to find employment is nine months.

  1. Develop tools so you are effective at marketing yourself.

This includes a compelling presentation to use when networking, prepared and concise achievements for your resume and interview, and most importantly, knowing your brand – what sets you apart from other job seekers who have the same education and experience.

  1. Get clear about what career you are targeting.

What’s the role/title you are after?

  1. Put together a real MAP – a plan you can measure that will help you see yourself moving closer to your career destination.

If you need help getting started, consider having a MAP session: http://www.activ8careers.com/career-services

In the current job market, what career fields seem to be growing?

This is a good question every one of us should be asking…

One of the key takeaways to me is that job seekers should have realistic expectations. Many of us want to move from career to career, but depending on your career target, you might want to consider filling in the gap with part-time work while you stay in the hunt for the career you REALLY want. As mentioned, freelancing is also an option. I know this may be discouraging; it gets exhausting month after month trying to uncover opportunities. But remember, it wasn’t the hare that won the race! As hard as it is, be patient and stay on task – a big part of which is staying aware of trends and the overall career landscape.

What are a couple of things hiring managers look for when hiring new employees?

First, let me say that hiring managers are always looking for good people, even if they currently don’t have an opening. Most managers can list a few employees that are not really cutting the mustard, or they are looking to replace someone they want to promote.

In short, managers want:

  1. To sense a connection, or as I call it, ”human relations.”
  2. To see someone who’s enthusiastic about possibilities, not someone who wants their foot in the door.
  3. To find individuals who can communicate effectively, verbally and non-verbally.

Managers want to find individuals who can help them meet their needs. Yes, you need to know what sets you apart, but keep in mind that most final interviews are more about the company and how you would fit into their culture, leadership, decision making styles, etc.

For additional information, including statistics, resources and techniques everyone should know, take a look at my monthly CAREEReport: http://icont.ac/cao


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