NJC Printing wanted to take some time to learn a little more about our customers and share with you more about the services and opportunities these awesome businesses and organizations provide.

This month, we asked Deborah Dalin Guyer, Coordinator for St. Louis American Parkinson Disease Association Information and Referral Center to answer a few questions about this fantastic organization.

What is Parkinson Disease? Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a disease in a group of conditions called movement disorders-disorders that result from a loss of the brain’s control on voluntary movements.

How many are affected by this disease? Over one and one-half million people in the United States suffer from PD.  60,000 new cases are diagnosed each year.

What does APDA do? The primary function of our Center is to serve as a central location where people with PD, caregivers, medical professionals, students and other interested individuals can call or write to receive the latest information, including FREE printed material, medical and support system referrals, quarterly newsletters, and patient service listings. The Center informs patients about Parkinson’s disease studies and research projects in which they might wish to participate.

What plays a vital role in your organization? Public awareness and educational programs play a vital role in the Center’s activities. The Center coordinates all PD services in the Greater St. Louis area, across the state of Missouri and in southern Illinois. It also serves as headquarters for the local APDA Chapter.

What resources do you have available? We have a Satellite Resource Center use the computer to connect to a favorite Parkinson website, print articles from the internet, browse through one of the many books and booklets or watch a DVD or VHS on Parkinson’s, or just visit with an interested and dedicated volunteer.

We want to thank Deborah for taking the time to provide us with information on this wonderful organization and please visit their website http://www.stlapda.org and see how you and your community can help.

NJC Printing provides quality digital and offset printing to businesses in St. Louis, Missouri and throughout the midwest. Please visit our website at www.NJCPrint.com to learn more about us or to Request An Estimate.



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