There are still a lot of people that are not sold on the advantages of Twitter. Others are not really sure what the site is used for and how one benefits from using this microblogging platform. Well, for those in the business field, there is an increasing number of high-powered and highly-skilled CEOs — and ex-chiefs — that are using Twitter to share insight, advice and links to things they find important.

Following your favorite CEOs to gain business knowledge is a great way to get started. Some CEOs’ Twitter accounts are more personal, while other CEOs serve as information and media curators, pointing followers to articles, TV clips and other media that they find to be interesting. With a combined following of over six million people, these high-profile CEOs must be tweeting something worth talking about.

If your business is on Twitter, you’re probably trying to get people to follow you. But don’t forget that Twitter is a great place to gain insights from some successful business owners. Here are just a few suggestions of people to follow on Twitter.

Richard Branson, Virgin Group Chairman

Following: 6,589       Followers: 98,382

CEO and Founder of Virgin,  Branson tweets on a daily basis providing insights into his business strategy and links to good business articles. Branson has been able to rebrand his business multiple times and is consistently up on the latest trends in business.

Caterina Fake, Co-founder of Flickr & Hunch
Following: 611       Followers: 42,924

Where Twitter prompts users with the question “What are you doing?”, startup Hunch, from Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake, filters out the miscellaneous conversational buzz. Instead, Hunch is designed to focus on useful information to discover and share by asking: “What are you making a decision about?” She often tweets about her business ventures and the life of a woman entrepreneur.

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos –
Following: 377,312       Followers: 1,826,525

For him Twitter, is viewed as a way to connect on a more personal level, whether it’s with his employees or his existing customers. Initially, Zappos started getting the entire company more involved with Twitter because they saw it as a great way to help build their company  and has been great for recruiting, because people can get a glimpse into what Zappos culture is like just by observing how we interact with each other on Twitter. While Tony doesn’t tweet on a frequent basis, when he does he offers great insights into running a business.

Mark Cuban, Owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks
Following: 296       Followers: 544,859

Arguably, one of the most recognizable owners in any sport, Mark Cuban is on top of the world since his Dallas Mavericks were crowned NBA champions. Cuban likes to tweet on a vast array of subjects from the worlds of business, sports and politics.

The Bottom Line?
Be sure you’re following the right person if you want to glean more knowledge and advice from some very successful individuals. If you ever wonder why you should use Twitter “It’s a form of communication that makes everyone more accessible.  There is no other medium that makes it this easy to interact with people.  Generally there is a lot of friction in communication.  Twitter removes this friction.”It’s all about accessibility and frictionless communication.  Whether you are an end user or a content publisher, people are talking.

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