NJC Printing wanted to take some time to learn a little more about our customers and to share with you the opportunities they provide for your community. This month our spotlight is on Camp Thunderbird.

What is Camp Thunderbird?

Close your eyes. Imagine a place where adventures happen every day and friendships last a lifetime. Imagine a place where your boys and girls can sit around a campfire, watch the sun set over the lake, and listen to the call of a loon. Close your eyes and imagine a place where they can challenge themselves, learn about themselves and be themselves. Now open your eyes. Welcome to Camp Thunderbird…

What does Camp Thunderbird provide for boys and girls?

They promise adventure – everything from gymnastics to backpacking trips. But they also provide strong guidance. Because Camp Thunderbird believe so strongly in guidance and giving your son and/or daughter individualized attention, they have one counselor for every three campers. They ask the campers to dream, teach them the skills they need to reach those goals and take it one step at a time.

What is the focus of Camp Thunderbird?

They focus on helping kids build skills in a non-competitive environment. Every child that comes to Thunderbird gets the attention and encouragement they need to set goals and reach them. They come to camp feeling nervous and excited. They leave camp feeling confident.

What is there to do at Camp Thunderbird?

They have more than 30 activities for boys and girls to choose from on a daily basis. Check them out! http://www.camptbird.com/About/OurProgram.asp   They also have one day a week called Adventure Day when boys and girls leave camp for the day and cook-out meals, swim and visit a cool park in the area. It’s kind of like an all-day field trip. 

So if all your kids can think about RIGHT NOW is how to have the best SUMMER of their life and if you are looking for a place where they can experience adventure in the outdoors while still in a safe, fun and nurturing environment.” Then you need to check out Camp Thunderbird,  for more information you can go to their website. http://www.camptbird.com


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