If it seems like more and more is added to your plate and you struggle to get everything done. Sometimes its a matter of procrastination, or it may be a problem of time management, it might even be as simple as deciding to commit to less, or not being able to focus on the essentials. Whatever the situation even some of the worlds top leaders struggle with some of these same issues. Inc. Magazine recently asked them, what they do to overcome these issues and find balance. Hopefully some of what they had to say could help you.

Gary E. McCullough: CEO Career Education Corp.
Former Captain in the United States Army , McCullough grasps efficiency. So when people ask him for time he gives them half the time. Generally speaking most people don’t need the time they ask for.  So you want an hour of his time  you will get 30 minutes. He says it forces people to be more clear and concise. Which then allows him to move people in out effectively and more efficiently.

Carol Smith: Chief Revenue Officer at Harper’s Bazarr
Dedicates a few hours on Sunday to go through all her emails. It’s the quiet time, she gets things out of the way..so when she comes in on Monday its almost like a vacation day.

Arianna Huffington: President and Editor-and-Chief  Huffington Post Media Group
While many high-powered folks claim to get by on very little sleep, Huffington advocates the opposite. “My single most effective trick for getting things done is to stop doing what I’m doing and get some sleep.”

Larry Page: Co-founder and CEO of Google
Get rid of your assistant! Shocking well he was amazed how many undesired meetings he was always scheduled for. He realized most people aren’t willing to ask him personally to meet with them,” he says. “They’re happy to ask an assistant.” Anyone who wants his attention, now has to approach him.

Ram Shriram: Angel Investor and Founding Google Board Member
Best way to improve performance, keep a daily journal. He explained the point is not to beat yourself up for mistakes, but to keep a manual as to what has worked and what hasn’t in your business. Documenting will always ensure you will remember it.

So whether it be using time cuts to be more efficient, or taking that quiet day to minimize distractions on Monday, or maybe even doing something as shocking as letting that assistant go. In the end it’s finding the best tool that gives you the leverage you need to be more productive and less distracted.

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