Labor Day is all about recognizing  the people who work hard.  Large corporations see their employees as being part of  ” the team.” In small businesses, they are considered family. The best way to make a business successful is to respect everyone, especially employees.   More importantly the small business owner should take the time to recognize how his/her employees shape the success of their business. Day after day, they’re the ones who serve your customers, make your products, send out your invoices. When you honor your labor, you help grow your businesses! If you want your employees to be dedicated, willing to put in 110%,  then you have to be committed to them as well. Below are a few ideas on how to get the most from your employees.

Hiring Well
Get the most qualified person you can for every position. If an employee is smart and capable, even for the most simple job, they’ll help your business grow.  Our reasoning for hiring someone is because they have the specific skills we are looking for, but it’s also important to consider their attitude, and ability to adapt.  Do they have the capacity to learn quickly?  Do they have good work habits and a willingness to take on any job?

One of the biggest mistake small companies make is in communication. Employees want to feel included so have short frequent meetings at the beginning of the day or once a week. Share information whether its good or bad this will help in narrowing the communication gap. People who share a common vision work harder. Share your vision and enthusiasm.

Most employees learn how to do their jobs better than you can teach them. Understand and acknowledge that your employees have the ability to make certain decisions so allow them to use their brains, not just their backs.

The only way your employees can improve is if you take the time to give them constructive, regular feedback. Give specific suggestions, don’t just complain.  Your employees will be able to meet your needs better if you let them know when they do well and when they don’t do well, good communication and feedback can be the keys to successful business.

We all need to be thanked and recognized. Find opportunities to acknowledge and reward your employees when a job is well done. Give small rewards like: plaques, certificates, T-shirts to recognize even small achievements. Pay people decently, reward them when you’re successful, and give them as much sense of security as you can. Employees don’t work well when they’re worried about how they’ll pay the rent or whether they’ll have a job next month. Job security, good pay, and decent benefits help make a much more productive staff.

To put it all into perspective…It’s important to make every employee feel valued, included, and respected. If you help your employees grow, they’ll help your business grow.

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