There are steps you can take to feel secure when it comes to keeping your customers happy and assuring they will keep coming back. Below is a list of things you can do to show your customers despite adversity, the economy you appreciate them and have what they need time after time!

Confidence…Not a Sinking Ship
Many of you I am sure have seen an advertising describing how “Times are tough and  future unsure.” The thought process I am sure that goes with this type of advertising is that the public will show compassion and try to support the company with business. The truth is most customers won’t spend money if the owner or CEO doesn’t feel the company is on solid ground. Why give money to a sinking ship, especially if it seems the business will diminish with or without their help. The best decisions should be made out of confidence, not out of desperation and fear. Give your customers something they can rely find away to turn a negative into a positive, find away to let your customers see that you are thriving and despite the challenges you still have the control to show your strengths.

Consider what a customer gets from a product relative to its cost. When we are talking about customer value, it is important that everyone understands that customer value does not relate to the value of customers, but to the value that customers receive from the business. In advertising we see examples of companies listing the benefits, price savings, and quality of their products that they believe a customer will look for.  The question is are they in made in good faith, do they hold up to what the customer gets or in the end will the customer find they are far from the truth.

The Feel Good Factor
We all know that it’s easier to keep a customer than to find a new one, so you want customers coming back. Your basic  goal is to not only help the customer have a good experience, but to offer them an experience that exceeds their expectations. At one time or another we all have been a customer so you know how important this is to you so let it also be the standard you use for your customers.   Go that extra mile keep in touch with them after the sale. Maybe it’s a birthday club mailing, advertising specialty item or a newsletter. A simple hand-written thank you note from time to time really impresses customers. Regardless, you need to remember your customers are your future.

Customer loyalty is no an accident. It is the result of your hard work and dedication to their needs. You and your employees should have one attainable goal: find out what your customers want and deliver it…. the end result…they will keep coming back!

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