A brave soul once said you should never mix business with pleasure. Obviously the art of tailgating never crossed his mind while creating this age-old proverb. Tailgating is an activity that’s enjoyed in all parts of the United States.  So throw tailgating into your mix of how to build a better relationship with your prospects, current customers and just about everyone that may come into contact with your business.

Atmosphere is Everything
Let’s face it—Fall is a major time of the year for athletics. College and professional football are in full swing and thousands of people are glued to their seats—in front of and not in front of the television. If they’re already watching the game, you might as well give them a great place to do so! When hosting your prospects and clients, you should realize that not all tailgating has to be done outside. Consider renting out a nice space fairly close to where the game is being held.

Product Marketing
There are lots of ways other types of businesses can market their products and services to the crowds. Why not set up a small booth where people can gather to view a small sampling of products?Create fan-friendly memorabilia, which helps to present pertinent business information, of course. Even simple flyers can help to get essential info out there, increasing word-of-mouth. Print up napkins bearing a name and number, website or even an intriguing phrase that will get people talking.

The Meet and Greet
Hosting a tailgating event on behalf of your business is a great way for your prospects to get a feel for your company’s culture and how your employees interact. It’s the perfect environment for business owners of all types of do a little marketing. Remember that your prospects and employees aren’t the only ones that should be showing up to these events. Be sure to invite your current customers to show them how much you appreciate their business.  A feeling of shared camaraderie helps to make everyone feel like friends. It’s crowded, it’s relaxed, it’s charged with energy.

It’s Not All About the Pigskin
Obviously, different sports will reign supreme depending on your location and time of the year. Be open to hosting events for different sports—baseball, soccer and basketball could be good alternatives for your business. Get a feel for what your prospects prefer and try to cater to them.

These tailgate events give you a new way to get business, keep your current customers and all in all have a good time.  Go out there and have fun with the people that make running your company possible.

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