You’ve probably encountered one already. Maybe you’ve even tried to snap a photo of one with your mobile phone. We’re talking about those square matrix QR (Quick Response) Codes that have become recently ubiquitous. Sure, you can stick them in your windows, on your direct mail or even your business cards, but it’s important to know where your prospects are going once they take the time to act.

Having a QR Code is one thing, but having a proper landing page to where your code directs is another. A landing page is a unique page on your website that typically has a single purpose, like capturing an e-mail address or selling a product. Take a look at how to get the most of your QR Codes by creating great landing pages that go with them.

Keep it Simple
Even though most networks are moving towards the G4. Most users don’t always have the luxury of a fast connection speed.  It’s important to keep the information you provide as simple as you can while still getting your point across, its amazing sometimes how the simplest statement with very few words will stick in a customers mind the most. Remember, your customers want to get to your information with as few as steps possible.

Un-Friendly Content
Not every mobile device works with FLASH. It will not work on all mobile devices. Apple mobile products do not currently support Flash while older Android devices do not support full Flash.


Navigation is hard to do on a mobile device. Often times drop down menus do not function well with a touch screen phone, because it’s harder to hover. This often causes frustration because the user sometimes is sent to a page he never really wanted.  Also large graphic files, instead of low resolution ones can mean your graphic intensive home page that loads quickly on someones home computer will not load quickly on their mobile device. If someone scans your QR code, they will not wait a long time for your page to load.

Data Overload
There is no need to publish your whole website to your mobile friendly website. Your page should show brief description.  Many will be reading your site on the go and just want to find the info they need quickly. You can always provide link back to your full website.

So while you are working on creating a great landing page that hopefully gives any user, simple navigation to what you have to offer, check out this QR Code and our offers.



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Comments on: "Your QR Code Landing Page…….FAIL Not an Option" (2)

  1. Mike Swisher said:

    Here is a nice, simple QR Code and Landing Page creation site:

    QReditScanner (

    It’s simple, and totally free to use!

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