We are honored to be featured by the St. Louis Small Business Monthly as one of their “Top 20 Under 20” companies for 2011. The award and related article highlights 20 awesome small businesses with less than 20 employees in St. Louis. Being a small business is a way of life, and we live that life to the fullest with all of the passion and (sometimes) pain that comes with it.

The article opens with the following passage:

All too often on the road to success there are opportunities to sacrifice your principles in if it means getting more profits or growing. But, these companies have chosen to be great instead of big. We proudly present to you our Top 20 Under 20.

We were then spotlighted in the magazine with the following article:

When NJC Printing was founded in 1970, Mike Corson’s father was moving out of the record business and into a then growing part of the printing industry called quick printing. Now a third generation family business, NJC has stayed on top in St. Louis’ printing industry by always looking to the future.

Mike, who learned the business from his father and took over as president in 1980, continuously adapted changing technology to serve clients’ needs, but didn’t experience true change until the spawn of the Internet and growth of digital communication. “Everything used to be printed,” he says. “Now materials that used to be printed are held online. The Internet transformed the industry in a number of ways, but we have always found ways to provide new offerings. We have always been a leader in terms of technology in the industry.”

Aaron Corson, Mike’s son and head of business development at NJC, has helped his dad to recognize trends in the industry since he came on board 10 years ago. One of Aaron’s largest undertakings has been adding another arm of the business called MarketPath, which integrates printing with digital communication. “The thought behind it was, ‘How can we take printing and pair it with digital communication?’” says Corson. “We spent a lot of time and energy developing MarketPath, but also recognize that printing is our core.”

Today, the most satisfying aspect of the business is that he is now transitioning the company to his son. “Hopefully, Aaron can take the company for the next 40 years,” he says.

Several of our friends and  clients were also featured as “Top 20 Under 20” companies including David Schenberg & Brian Slawin of Busy Event, Dave Smith & the crew at PSG Marketing Solutions and Deborah Douglas of The Douglas Group to name a few.

To celebrate being recognized as a 20 Under 20 Company by St. Louis Small Business Monthly, we are bringing you 20 items for under $20 for the entire month of September (and maybe longer).

If you have never used NJC Printing, this is your chance to give us a shot. If you are already a customer, be sure to take advantage of these great deals while they last. Let us show you why NJC Printing is a Top 20 Under 20 company.

Check out our 20 items under $20 promotion by visiting http://www.NJCPrint.com/20under20.html today.

NJC Printing provides quality digital and offset printing to businesses in St. Louis, Missouri and throughout the Midwest. Please visit our website at www.NJCPrint.com to learn more about us or to Request An Estimate.


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