Gifts tell the client they are important to your company and you value the relationship. The holidays are a great time to strengthen that relationship with a gift that shows your appreciation.  To help with some of the stress or indecisiveness, check out our ideas for mixing up this tried-and-true marketing strategy.

Beat ‘Em to the Punch
Approach holiday gift giving with a goal to standout. Focus on distinguishing yourself because every business with room in the budget uses holiday gifts to market their organization. If your Edible Arrangement arrives the same week as another’s fruit basket, your thoughtfulness makes less of an impact –even with daisy-shaped pineapple.

With a little hustle, your holiday marketing campaign will be working its magic before Saint Nick’s Day. Show your clients how thankful you are for them by sending a gift in time for Thanksgiving. This way, they’ll remember your thoughtfulness before their pile accumulates.

Budget Friendly
Budget friendly is still a big concern—it doesn’t mean you have to scratch customer gifts this year.  But less expensive doesn’t have to mean cheap. There are a variety of low-cost items with a high perceived value that recipients will love. Think upscale-looking desk accessories, writing instruments, journals, drinkware, blankets, lotions, candles and more. Take budget out of the equation and tech items, like digital frames are hot, as well as bags of all types – laptop, messenger and travel.

Personal gift giving, effort counts as much as thoughtfulness. , you can create a custom greeting card, include a handwritten note addressing an individual if possible. You’ll save time if you divvy up your list of customers among your colleagues. Depending on the size of your business, if each of you writes a gracious message on a few cards, the task will be off your to-do list in no time.

The Non-Traditional Gift
Gifting nontraditional swag is another way to set your company apart. If you’ve got regional customers, do a little research on local haunts and send them a gift certificate. As long as it’s not to a run-of-the-mill restaurant, they’ll be impressed. Or, give the best gift of all.  Show your company’s goodwill by contributing to a nonprofit on your customers’ behalf.

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