NJC Printing wanted to take some time to recognize our fantastic clients and partners. We truly appreciate your business and our monthly Customer Spotlight is just one of the ways we like to show it.

Erin Joy is a third-generation female entrepreneur who understands the rewards and challenges of owning your own company. As a child, she played “office” under her mother’s desk. Today, she helps other women unlock the potential in their own companies – and in themselves.

Self-employed her entire career, Erin brings first-hand entrepreneurial experience to Black Dress Partners, the company she founded in 2011 to incite and propel success in fellow women-owned companies. Using the keen insight, innovative strategies and effective practices gleaned from her more than 15 years in the business community, Erin astutely assesses and successfully transforms underperforming businesses; her consulting and executive coaching services, designed to help organizations reach their full potential, have improved the productivity, efficiency and profitability of companies in a variety of industries, including real estate, construction, interior design, technology, health care and mortgage services. Dedicated to continually evolving her skills and business knowledge in order to best serve her clients, Erin is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Human Resources Management at Washington University.

Now, Erin is bringing her insightful analysis and understanding of sound business practices to Black Dress Partners’ newest service, Black Dress Circle. After becoming a certified PeerSpectives facilitator through the Edward Lowe Foundation, Erin has introduced this proven peer-based program to St. Louis in order to address the unique challenges faced by local second-stage entrepreneurs. The innovative, action-based process serves to support businesswomen as they guide their companies through periods of growth.

For more information on how Erin Joy and Black Dress Partners can improve your business go to  www.blackdresspartners.com or to become a member of Black Dress Circle, contact: Erin Joy at Erin.Joy@BlackDressPartners.com


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