From the well-respected brand that has been around for ages to the small business that is just taking off, branding is a vital part any business. Thanks to the Internet, small businesses can also benefit from the power of video to reach their customers and drive their brand recognition, whatever stage of life your company is in, online video is white hot and being used in many ways.  So whether you’re a retailer, media company, or brand marketer, think overall about how to incorporate video into your marketing strategy.

Target Audience/Needs
One major impact on a video’s optimal length and shelf life is the content and target audience you are trying to reach. Consider your target market’s needs when creating your online video. Viewers often look for short tidbits, highlights and answers to specific questions.

Image Worth a 1000 Words
Video is the next best thing to being face to face. You can hear someone’s voice, their intonation, and their enthusiasm.   In a video you can convey so much more than you could with only words. If an image is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth hundreds of thousands… it’s something that can really push the “high speed” button on your marketing, because it helps build connections with your audience faster.

Make it “shareable.” Today’s consumers want to share and interact with content so make sure your video can be e-mailed, linked to, embedded in blogs. By making it easy for your customers and the consumer to spread your messages for you, you will increase your reach exponentially.

Types of Videos
Not sure what you’d produce a video about? Below a list for video production that can help you create informative clips that also reveal your business’s “human” side:

• Demonstrate your product or service

• Use customer testimonials

• Introduce your staff

• Offer a video tour of your office or business location

As online video evolves, there are bigger audiences to be had and increasingly more exciting ways to get their attention. Video provides small businesses a cost-effective and powerful tool that enables you to personalize and reach a much larger audience in a shorter amount of time.

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