Social media is a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down in the branding world—from Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and others continuing to emerge. You may not be a social media guru, but for your brand’s sake, social media is worth a second glance.

And these days, almost everybody and their dogs are using social media. Literally, some people have created social media pages for their household pets. Even grandma is getting in on the social media action. And although not everyone has signed on to social media, there is still a large percentage of the population that utilizes social media everyday.

By creating a page for your company, you have another avenue to advertise your brand, values and mission. Keeping that in mind, what makes branding successful in the social media world? Below are some ways to make social media work for you.

Degree of Control
One of the issues surrounding social media — it is controlled by users, for users. Companies often times are very reluctant to give up the control of chatter about their brand, instead they create pages that edit or censor an interaction between the consumers.  In doing so they not only limit the users control but they also limit how far they will make it down the social media network. Try to gain as much interaction with your followers as possible, engaging them in your brand.

New, Fresh, Different
When creating your social media pages, be creative, don’t give them the the same thing they can see on your corporate home page. They don’t want to be “sold to” they want to be wowed and they want to see more than just the traditional.  As we all know perception and presentation are two key factors that can either draw them in or have them clicking on something more interesting.

Open and Honest
Transparency is the most critical factor in building trust. You want respect? You want trust?  Don’t hide behind policies or procedures, own up to your shortcomings, give the consumer not only the good but also the bad.

Friends not Corporation
Social media allows for companies to keep things simple, informal light and fun, so take advantage of it. The last thing a consumer wants, is to feel like they just walked into social media environment with more technical babble than their latest board meeting.

Consumers love to know that their loyalty will be rewarded.  We don’t always expect something in return for such loyalty but wouldn’t you agree that what attracts us sometimes is being rewarded with a little extra something.  Discounts and coupons seem to have just inundated the web so offer an exclusive product or service.

Provide News
Consumers become fans to keep updated on new products. One thing to keep in mind though it should always appear as news not as an advertisement, again perception is the key.

Rhythm and Community
You want to keep your page lively and informative but at the same time find a balance. We are talking about your brand and the best thing you can do is make it less of the focus. Social network is a community, sometimes started by a chain reaction, and its up to you to start that by facilitating conversation, you need to create a dynamic, lively, and fun environment. One thing to keep it mind though, posting to frequently can alienate your fans and the next thing you know they have found the “hide or unlike button”

Not using social media could be the difference between success and failure for your business. Taking the time and effort to learn each one and how they can be a benefit to your brand is extremely valuable.

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