According to World Telecommunication Service 87 percent  of the world’s population (5.9 billion) has a mobile subscription. As a business owner you may choose to ignore it, but the fact is that mobile is taking over the online world and it is projected that in 2014 more people will be using handheld devices instead of desktop computers to go online.

Small businesses should be taking this epidemic into account as it affects more and more digital users’ experiences, as well as marketing. With the significant increase in the use of mobile and mobile technology, here are some areas of focus where mobile technology will be this year.

Social Networking
Mobile users have been increasingly been using social media to communicate via their phones.  Sharing information has become easier.

Text Messaging Marketing
Text messages receive a 98 percent open rate according to Frost Sullivan.  According to Nick Harrison of Dashal, a local Chicago restaurant – Wow Bao sends a text message once a week about a special or deal to try to get him to come in, and it works!

QR Codes
A report by web searches for QR codes is up 124%   Brands and businesses are starting to finally “get it” and are using them for things like signing up for newsletters, mobile websites, menus, and exclusive offers.

Mobile Traffic
People using their mobile phones to send and receive emails increased by 34% from August to September 2011 alone.  This is extremely important for businesses. If you are marketing via email, or people are telling others about your product or service via email, reading about your company, looking up info about you, it should come as no surprise to you that all is being accomplished by using their SmartPhone.  Businesses are finally realizing that customers can be found anywhere: on their couch watching TV, on a train, or walking across the street.

Mobile technology is here and its use is increasing at break-neck speed. It is no longer good enough to just have a normal website.

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