It’s been said before that showing your customers you appreciate them is so much more powerful than mere words. The reason is simple because your backing it up with action. So below are a few good ideas to try instead of just just relying on the every day words thank you, we appreciate your business.

Special Events
An after hours preview party for a new product, a new store opening, or just a party to celebrate your gratitude toward your customers. Have a presale open an hour hourly to let invited customers only have 1st chance to purchase during a big sale. Have a friends and family event where either employees or your best customers get a great coupon(say 20% to 30% off any purchase) to use during a specific time period.

Grateful Greetings
Long term customers, especially ones with whom you’ve developed a rapport, will be touched by your thoughtfulness if you mark some significant milestone for their business. B2B companies can print cards commemorating the anniversary of their customer’s business. An unexpected thank-you card will delight individual patrons. Using customers first names in conversation after the first purchase . There is nothing that sound sweeter to anybody than the sound of their name. Learn the first names of your top 30 customers and use them often (for a bonus find wives and kids names also). Like next time they walk through you door or call.

Just Because
Mail coupons to your customers for discounted services and thank them for the business. It’s a great way to boost sales for the month, and customers may end up spending more for your products or services with a discount. Have a presale open an hour hourly to let invited customers only have 1st chance to purchase during a big sale. Send a thank you card for every purchase somebody makes

Just Asking
Ask for their input to show customers that your business appreciates them and values their opinion. Question customers when they visit your store, or mail them a survey with a return stamp to boost response rates. If you think your call would be welcome, consider ringing them to ask about their experiences with your business. Soliciting feedback from clients is a low budget way to express customer appreciation.

Drawing Them In
After outgrowing high school sports, adults rarely get the chance to be on the winning team. Use that to your advantage by treating customers to a contest or giveaway. The game can be simple—like drawing business cards out of a punch bowl—or as complicated you like. The trick to generating interest in this expression of customer appreciation is rousing customers’ competitive spirits. As for the prize, offer something for free, or give them movie tickets.

You’re already ahead of the game when you’re willing to invest some of your company’s money or manpower in expressing customer appreciation. And the ROI on that investment is clear: happier, more loyal customers.

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