keep-calm-and-stay-on-task-18There’s always a lot of buzz about how to get more things done in your day, so today we’re looking at 5 productivity methods of how to stay sane and on top of your tasks.

Strategize to avoid decision fatigue.  That means it’s crucial that you prioritize your decisions and try to minimize the unimportant ones. Like what to wear for the day? Or what should I eat for breakfast?

Start your day the night before.  You’re the most productive when you can work without any distractions. This might be at night after your family has gone to bed.  Work on a big task that will carry into the next day. If you’re not a night owl, you can still adopt this method; simply figure out at what point in the day you feel most productive and use that time to get a jump start on tomorrow’s tasks.

Shut out critics.  If you’re obsessing over that one negative comment that someone left on your blog, take a step back and try to let it go. You’ll be more productive if you worry less about other people’s perceptions.

Exercise.   Exercise reduces stress, boosts your mood and gives you the chance to clear your head. It might seem like a good idea to skip your yoga class to work on that big project, but you’ll actually get more done if you make time to workout.

Remember that your personal time is sacred. Set aside three separate times in the day for example:  your morning workout, dinner with your family and the nighttime after your family falls asleep. It’s important to diversify personal time. If you use all of it to accomplish the same goals, your life won’t feel very balanced. Set aside times to do something for your health, have some social interaction and catch up on whatever major things you didn’t get to during the day.

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