Today we can celebrate and learn about 4 fun and quirky holidays.

1. Frog Jumping Day: Is a day about having fun by jumping like a frog or getting that pet frog out for a jumping contest. Actually, this holiday was made to celebrate Mark Twain’s “jumping frog” short story called. “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” published back in 1865. However you decide to celebrate this holiday, just be sure to have a very ‘Hoppy Frog Jumping Day”!

2. Leprechaun Day: Is a holiday that let us celebrate the legendary Irish elf. Irish folklore describe the Leprechaun as a “mischievous elf  dressed in green clothes, green hat, have red beards, have big buckles on their belt, hat and sometimes shoes. They are usually hiding because, as legend has it, if caught they must give up their pot of gold or grant 3 wishes. So go out and set your Leprechaun trap today you just might catch one!

3. National Apple Pie Day: Now it can’t get any sweeter than that! This little holiday pays special tribute to an American traditional dessert. It dates back to 14th century Europe, the Americana claim it originated during WWII when asked what serviceman were fighting for, their response “Mom and apple pie”.  So today celebrate this sweet holiday and serve yourself up a slice of apple pie!

4. Tulip Day:  Tulips are one of the most popular spring flowers of all time. The tulip,  is low fragrance and non-allergic, which allows it to be enjoyed by everyone. They come in a variety of colors, height, and flower shapes. They easily brighten up the outdoors and their vibrancy of colors are something to celebrate. So today when you are out and about and you spot these colorful flowers stop a moment and just enjoy!


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