business-gift-giving-etiquette-3-660x369Buying gifts for clients or business associates can be an awkward if you don’t know the etiquette behind it. You could purchase a gift that is too expensive or not aligned with the recipient’s interests. So before you start shopping for your next round of gifts for clients, colleagues or employees, consider these 4 gift giving etiquette tips.

Make Gifts Personal When Possible

Whenever possible,  personalize each gift to each recipient. Your clients want to know that you appreciate them. So giving an item that is specifically aligned with their interests can mean more than a generic token. And if you have  many clients that you can’t possibly buy for each one individually, give them a small but useful item or even a gift card.

Know How Much to Spend

The mistake to avoid is spending too much on gifts. Decide on a budget for your holiday gifts, or other gift-giving occasions throughout the year. Even if you can’t afford much, a small token or even handwritten cards will let people know you’re thinking of them.

Be Conscious of Religious Beliefs

Not all of your clients or colleagues may celebrate Christmas. Giving a holiday gift to someone who can’t accept it because of their beliefs can make both you and them uncomfortable. To avoid this, you can simply ask if they celebrate Christmas, without getting into specifics about their religious preferences.

When Possible, Include Everyone

The most important thing you can do when giving gifts is to make sure you remember everyone.   You don’t want anyone to feel less important or forgotten. To avoid overlooking anyone, keep a running list of clients and employees and check it carefully before sending out gifts or cards. If you are looking for business gift ideas, please check out our website for personal business promotional items and while you are at it take the time to order your NEW 2015 Calendars while it is still fresh in your mind!

To sum things up gift giving at the Holidays is a great way to cement relationships with business associates, customers and employees. Happy Holiday!!

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